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I am not a car dealer. I just want to buy a car for myself. Can I join & buy?
  • No, sorry. We deal with only professional car dealers. Since we supply cars at wholesale prices, we have to do on business base.
How do I join?
  • Click here and you can join FREE MEMBER straight away.
    If you want to bid & purchase, you have to get authorization from us.
What do I need for buying?
  • If you want to attend auctions, you have to be authorized by us. To get authorization, you need to
    1 submit application form
    2 send deposit money (from 2nd buying, usually, we don't need the dposit)
If we don't buy cars, what will happen to my deposit?
  • If it is before your bidding and purchasing, we simply refund 100% to your bank account by Telegraphic Transfer in 3 working days. You have to agree that we deduct JPY5,000 from your deposit as bank fee every remittance. In this case, your cost is JPY5,000 only.
How much deposit do I need?
  • It depends on what or how many cars you want to buy. We purchase only within your deposit.
How much is Member Fee or Joining Fee?
  • Nothing. There is no joining fee nor member fee. only when you want to get service and purchasing. we need service fee.
Can I see WATAA web from my friend's computer?
  • Yes, but please be careful with your ID and Password. Letting somebody else use your ID is Not allowed.
    As computer set-up, you need Internet Explore ver.6 (*please note ver.7 is under test now). We recommend a high speed connection such as ADSL to get good performance.
Are the vehicles inspected?
  • Yes. In many meanings, each vehicle can be inspected.
    A) All vehicles at auction are inspected by auction inspectors.
    B) You can order WATAA staff physical inspection. *extra cost.
    C) You can order Third Party Inspection such as JEVIC after purchased. *extra cost.
What is the difference of these inspection?
  • A) Previous Auction Inspection:
    This is good enough for most case. They start the engine and if there is any noise or not. They pick up panel and paint and make report. In this report, they make comment and we can translate for you.

    B) WATAA Inspection:
    For more accurate inspection, you may want to use WATAA inspection. We double check if the condition is same as auction report. Auction report is OK for body condition, but not so accurate. So we report more accurate condition on body. We also check that rusty underneath of vehicle on NZ comply standard. So, especially New Zealand standard, B inspection is highly recommended.

    C) Third Party Inspection:
    Available after purchased. JEVIC can do make their own report.
Can I see photos of each vehicle before bidding?
  • Yes. You can see photos through WATAA system.
How long does it take from the date I purchase to the vehicles to be delivered to my yard.
  • We try our best to achieve the shortest delivery time for you. The time all depends on where to ship to and shipping availability. Usually we can make shipping from 2 weeks to 3 weeks from the date of purchase. If shipping is in good timing, it can be less than 2 weeks. After vessels leave, the time of ocean travel depends on destination.
Can you deliver the vehicle to any country?
  • Yes. We can deliver anywhere in the world from one unit.

    Please just note that each country has different regulation about importing vehicle. You have to check out on the issue such as duty, tax, limitation of model, etc of your country side, because we can't be responsible for it.
How much is the cost for ocean freight?
  • We check out and give you the best rate on freight, but cost depends on the destination. Please make inquiry.
What if the car gets damaged on the way?
  • If you are worried about damage on the vessel, we recommend you to get insurance, which is 1% of CIF Price(minimum JPY5,000). We will try to help you by submitting auction report.
What if something is wrong with the vehicle when delivered to my place?
  • Please contact us first. We are always ready for your claims or complains and we are pleased to discuss with you. Even if we find out it's not our fault, we try to help you in any methods.
    We deal used vehicles and work for you as your buying agent with small margin, so we can't be responsible for all. But as a professional agent, we assure you following.

    - All vehicles are "as described" conditions.
    - WATAA indemnifies you against losses arising from inaccurate odometers if the odometer was supposed to be genuine.

    Besides above issue, please don't hesitate to talk to us if you are in trouble. We will try to do our best to solve your problem. Member's benefit oriented service is WATAA policy.
Can I get Auction Membership directly?
  • Possibly Yes, but probably very difficult and not worth doing it.

    To get Membership from auction, you have to be
    - Japanese Resident
    - Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer
    - Apply and authorized by each auction house.

    Even if you have someone in Japan, set up business, and get membership directly with auction house, you have to do all the inspecting, bidding, buying, payment, paper work, claiming VAT, etc. As a cost side, remember you have to pay VAT on each cost. Considering all work make you realize using us is much cheaper.
Can you show any proof of credibility?
  • Yes. WATAA service started only 3 years ago. But the company AXEL has been exporting used vehicles for 12 years since 1996.

    Even before using web service, AXEL has been inspecting and buying vehicles on behalf of their clients. Their clients kept purchasing many vehicles one by one, without traveling to Japan for many years. They can rely on inspecting vehicles because they know we are good and we are a reliable business partner.
If we buy many cars, can we get some discount?
  • Yes, but only if you buy more than 10 units per month. We give you some cash back. Some people say they can get cheaper fee with other company, but we know there are many agents who show cheap fee and cheat on Sales Prices.

    Here are typical problems the buyers face with some cheap agent.
    1) get bad cars
    2) cheated with Sales Price. (Ex; they said Sales Price was 583,000, but real price was 483,000)
    3) Get caught by fraud. (Ex; they collect money and send no cars to you)

    This is not a make up story, but we have actually seen many buyers like this. We do in straight, honest way without any cheating. Our fee is very fair and the best we can do as our business going. If you want just cheap service, please find somebody else.