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All of our clients are successful dealers in each area. Following is some of our clients.

-Mr.Chris Bird (Chevron Quality Cars), Christchurch

-Mr.Derek MacDonald (MacDonald Halligain Motors), Auckland

-Mr.Phil Gudgell (Absolute Autos), Mt Maunganui

Comment of Kevin (Phoenix Imports)
" In my opinion you already have the most credible used car export business that I have met in my 14 years of dealing with Japan
Your company has unrivalled integrity and honesty.
Axel Company does not run away from problems that can arise-big or small-and the staff you have for experience and thoroughness are also unequalled (in my experience--ranging from Tokyo to Hiroshima and Kobe to Kanazawa!)
Keep up the very good work!!--you have a happy customer! "

There are many people involved in WATAA activities. Initially, we started with few people, but more and more people got interested in and joined us. Our aim is, in short, to supply good service for professional automobile dealers. We always try to think "what can we do to achieve this?" and try to do if we come up with good idea. Here is our activities we have been doing.

- Auction & Dealer Stock Information Service
- Inspecting, Bidding, Purchasing, and Shipping

- Training for professional inspectors with our standard

- Vehicle Buying Shop

- Marketing and Sales Promotion

List of our partner members in Japan.
- Mr Yoshimori of Rosso Co. Ltd. (Hokkaido)
- Mr Komatsu (Hokkaido)
- Mr Narita of Activenet Co., Ltd. (Fukushima)
- Mr Yokota of AXEL Yokota Co., Ltd. (Saitama)
- Mr Oda of Vehicle Co., Ltd. (Saitama)
- Mr Uchimi (Tokyo)
- Mr Oguma of Oxblood Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)
- Mr Enjoji of Car Star Yokohama (Kanagawa)
- Mr Tanaka of Tanaka Oil Co., Ltd. (Shizuoka)
- Mr Toyoda of Toyoda Construction (Shizuoka)
- Mr Sasagawa (Shizuoka)
- Mr Mizuno of Mizuno Motors (Shizuoka)
- Mr Taniguchi (Aichi)
- Mr Kitamura (Fukui)
- Mr Kato of Ism Factory (Gifu)
- Mr Matsumoto of GIO Co., Ltd. (Okinawa)
- Mr Takeichi (Tokushima)
- Mr Sugimoto (Nara)
- Mr Imazaki Motors (Osaka)
- Mr Yuasa of Yuasa Motors (Okayama)
- Mr Kinoshita (Okayama)

Also, we have car dealer members, too. (62 members, Sep 2012)

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