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what is the rule of WATAA?

Here is a basic rule we fix.

1. Only professional car dealers who agree the terms & conditions, and WATAA policy can apply and become WATAA Members. WATAA is operated by AXEL Co., Ltd., and all business transactions are between Members and AXEL.

2. WATAA (=AXEL) supply correct information of each vehicle to Members. AXEL assures Members that the following information is accurate and correct.
- Year (Registration)
- Model
- Transmission
- Mileage
- Auction Grade provided by each auction house
- Sales Prices at auction house, or confirmed price of dealer stock.

3. If Members wish to purchase vehicles, AXEL helps as Buying & Shipping Agent. Members agree to pay for the service.

4. Members put deposit money to AXEL prior to get any service. Service includes translating of auction condition report, bidding, inspecting vehicles physically, and purchasing, transporting, paper works, and shipping.

5. If the information mentioned in term 1 turned out incorrect, the buyer can cancel the deal without any penalty unless the buyer agree to take the vehicle(s).

6. The buyer assume all information regarding to conditions of vehicles depends on each auction's description sheet and grading.

7. AXEL translates any comment on description of each sheet along with buyer's request and the buyer agree to pay for it.

8. AXEL may pass or cancel of buyer's bidding with the following reasons,
- When AXEL finds out any defects which are not discussed with buyer.
- When the buyer has some unpaid INVOICE to AXEL.
- If AXEL decides that the vehicle is NOT good.
*If the Member is informed and agrees to bid, AXEL would bid for the Member.

9. AXEL is NOT responsible for the following.
- Not bidding nor purchasing after receiving bidding.*1
- Any defects or damage of vehicles which is mentioned to the buyers.
- Any claims except items mentioned in term.*2.

*1: When AXEL gets bidding by Member, AXEL would try to bid and purchase. But out of hands, there are cases AXEL can't bid. In most case, it happens buyer's bidding is too slow, or unexpected error happens by each auction houses.
*2: If Member ask for physical inspection and AXEL does checking, AXEL would accept claim in the terms.

10. Cancelation is NOT ALLOWED after bidding and purchasing.

11. If the buyer wish to cancel the deal, the penalty*1 plus extra loss caused by the cancelation if any, is required to be paid by the buyer immediately to AXEL.
*1: Penalty is 20% of Sales Price (minimum 100,000 JPY)