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how to register as WATAA member, so we can use?

If you like to use WATAA Web service, you have to register first. Please note that you have to fill the following conditions.

1. You must be a professional car dealer.
2. You must understand English.
3. You must agree to our policy and rules mentioned here.

---> ALL YES, and register for FREE MEMBER NOW

There are Member Rank and we differentiate service to each Rank.

-CAN See Dealer Stock
---> You ARE VISITOR now.
-CAN See Dealer Stock
-CAN access to WATAA Auction Information. ---> You can register FREE MEMBER Now
-CAN See Dealer Stock & Buy or Make Inquiry
-CAN access to WATAA Auction Information
& See Detail Sheet, More Photos
& See Start Price, and Result Price in the Past
& Make Bidding & Buy

*Once you register, you can be a "FREE MEMBER" .
*If you want to be "Authorized Member", you have to apply here.