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what can you do?

1. Member can browse stock information on Internet presented by WATAA for FREE of Charge. There are 2 options, Auction or Stock.

2. If you go to Auction, you can see thousands of stock cars available each day. You can search in most efficient way. *For Dealer Stock info, go to Dealer Stock.

3. You specify what you want, and you see some target cars listed as below.

4. You can see more information by clicking. You can see necessary information

5. Member can get translating or physical inspection service.
6. Member can bid and purchase vehicles through WATAA system in very easy way.
6. Member can get vehicles shipped at reasonable fee*.
* See "Fee & Terms" for more details.

If you succeed in purchasing, following is the procedure.

1. We confirm with chassis number and send you invoice by FAX (or Email if you require)
*After we purchase, No Cancelation will be allowed.
2. We will deduct the amount from deposit money or if shortage you make payment by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) in 2 working days after we purchase.
3. After we confirm your full payment, we make arrangement for shipping.

Not many car dealers or importers understand exactly what should be done in Japanese side. Following must be done for shipping out vehicles from Japan.

If anyebody buys vehicles from auction houses or dealers, full payment must be done in 3 days in cash. No No check nor credit cards accepted. This is Japanese auto business custom.
We can pay all costs along with purchasing vehicles at auction houses or dealers or even public for you.

The payment includes not only car cost, auction fee, but also VAT (5% of Car Cost) and Automobile Tax, Recycling Ticket Fee. If registered licensed companies does right account procedure, they can get refund VAT & some of Automobile Tax, recycle ticket fee for exportation deal.

This is not exactly what you should know, but you better understand that Japanese Agent (Exporter) has to pay a lot of extra cost besides car cost (=Sales Price at auctions).

For example, following is a sample.

Car: 2003 Model TOYOTA ALTEZZA : Sales Price 1,330,000 at auction.
A) Car Cost: 1,330,000 (= Sales Price at auction)
B) VAT: 66,500 (Ax0.05)
C) Auction Fee: 12,600 (12,000 + VAT, depends on auction house, or if you use internet)
D) Automobile Tax: 21,200 (if no Shaken=No registration, zero, The amount depends on engine size, and month of purchase)
E) Recycling Ticket Fee: 13,000 (depends on model)
Total: 1,443,300 JPY

In Japan side, this amount (1,443,300) must be paid in 3 days after purchasing day. If not paid in this period, the buyer CANNOT attend next bidding.
If this car is exported abroad, the buyer can claim back B), D),E), but it takes months. D)&E) can not be claimed back 100%.

We can make this payment and very complicated and time comsuming claim procedure for you.

TRANSPORT to Port (in Japan)
Inland Transportation
The car must be carried to nearest Port available. This has time limit, too. If the car is not taken out from auction houses in 3 days after purchased, auction will charge fee. So prompt arrangement is important.

We have contract and we have been dealing with Japan's biggest Transport company ZERO CORP. for more than 10 years. We can get cars delivered anywhere in Japan at cheaper rate. Of course, the cars are 100% insured in this process, so you don't have to worry about car accident and get damaged on this process.

Cars waiting for shipping
All vehicles must be stored at port.
We contract with yards with 24 hours security, so nobody can get in, nor steal nor get damage to your cars.

De-Registration Paper
Not many foreign buyers know this, but all registered Japanese vehicles must be deregistered if you want to these to be exported. To deregister vehicles, you have to remove plates, get all documentation done, and go to Land Transport Office. This procedure is very complicated and time consuming, so even Japanese public don't want to do and pay dealers to do.

You don't have to worry about this, we can take care of this all.

DOCUMENTATION & BOOKING for Custom Clearance & Shipping
Car Shipping
No vehicles are being shipped automatically. Before shipping, all vehicles must be cleared by Japanese Custom. There are several kinds of documentation for this. Then, you have to Book for Shipping companies and also need to prepare another kind of documentations for shipping, which will be used for origin of Bill of Lading (B/L). After all documents procedure is done, finally you can arrange loading.

We have been doing this procedure thousands times for more than 10 years. We also have good relationships with all shipping companies. All you have to do is to inform us which port you want to deliver to, and consignee details (name, address, telephone number). And all procedure is done in professional way. We try to make shipping arrangement in the better way for you, which is Quicker, Cheaper, Safer, way.

If it's FOB deal, there is nothing much we can do after the vessel leaves Japan, as you know. Of course, we are responsible for conditions of vehicles we purchase for you. Please read the Claim Policy below for this.

Just note that it's you who is responsible for the damage made after the ship leaving from Japan. If you are worried, you can get Insured by telling us before shipping. In such case, we make arrangement for insurance for you, and send you Insurance Policy with other documents. The insurance cost will be from JPY 3,000 for budget cars to JPY10,000 or more for more than 1 million yen to cover.

Upon vehicles are shipped, we get original B/L(Bill of Lading). We fax you a photo copy first, then we prepare and forward the following documents by courier.

1. Original B/L(1st and 2nd original, we keep 3rd one)
2. Original Deregistration Paper for vehicles issued by Japanese Land Transport Office.
3. Log Books for vehicles if available. This can be proof of genuine mileage.
4. Other Documents* which we prepare along with your request.
*Some documentation costs you extra. For example, JAAI Certificate.


In few weeks, you get your vehicles arriving to your port. Then you do all importing procedure and this is not what we can take care. After finishing custom and complying everything, you can sell the vehicles with PROFITS!

-Other Documentation or Inspection Services provided by WATAA or Third Party (JEVIC, Optimec, JAAI, etc)
-Special Guarantee provided by WATAA.