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how to buy from various dealer stock cars?

Member can buy dealer stock cars presented at WATAA. All stock cars are from Japanese Dealers. If you want to buy, you just click the bottom. The price shown at "Dealer Stock" is FOB price, so besides car cost, it includes inland transport cost to Japanese port, shipping arrangement cost, handling fee.

*This is different from auction deal, for auction deal, the price shown is purely Sales price and it doesn't includes these cost.

1. You can search by Make, Model, or Year.

2. If you see any good car, just click, then you see details.

3. Your order will come to us by Email. We confirm with the seller and confirm with you.

4. We send you invoice by fax and you make payment by TT (Telegraphic Transfer) in 2 working days.

5. After we confirm your payment, we make payment to the seller. Then, we transfer the car to the port. We make shipping arrangement soonest ship available.

Using our network with dealership all over Japan, we can supply all model of Brand New Cars at discount rate. When we say "Brand New Car" here, it is genuine new car we order to manufacturers such as TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA, etc.

Brand New Landcruiser Prado
Brand New Hiace

*There are some brand new cars available at auction, but precisely, it is not Brand New. They are not used so practically they are new. But they are all registered by somebody's name.

 If you want to purchase Brand new car, following is the procedure.

1. You specify the model, engine size, and variant. If you need some specific maker option, you have to inform us first, because they make change prices. Maker option is like "Sunroof", "Navigation", or "Leather Seat", etc.

2. We find out the price of what you want, and confirm with you.

3. If you agree with the price, you give us formal order and make TT payment.

4. When the car is registered, we make all arrangement for shipping straight away.