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WATAA original members in Japan

WATAA(World Automobile Trade Assessment Association) was launched in Japan in 2002, initiated by Mr. Kenjiro Tsuchioka, to achieve fair trade among good trustful dealers.
  As an exporter, he was enjoying good relationship with his clients, but, at the same time, he was annoyed by bad dealers who would cheat or lie. He believed every car dealer should fight in good straight way. He also knew there are always good dealers all over the world and he thought it would be nice to supply a place where such dealers get known each other. This is basic idea of WATAA.

  Little by little, people who like his idea joined as Members. The bigget challenge for WATAA is to create a new & fair market place where Members can buy and sell at ease with confidence. This is a difficult task, but it is also important, because most professional dealers buy and sell at auctions in Japan and it becomes hard to make difference. Japanese Car Auctions are very good, stable, credible system. But all cars at auctions are from each dealers, then why don't we think about dealing each other? WATAA has been working hard in sincere manner and building up good credibilities, supported by many people.

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Kenjiro Tsuchioka
Operation Manager
CEO of AXEL Co., Ltd.

Phone: +81-3 5489 3002
Katsuhiro Mino
Oversea Sales Manager

Phone: +81-3 5489 3002
Masao Yamanaka
Vehicle Inspection Manager

Phone: +81-3 5489 3002
Hiroshi Utsunomiya
Marketing Manager

Phone: +81-3 5489 3002
Office Staff

Mieko Kunizaki / Mari Takahashi / Ai Hayashi
Nanae Kunii / Yumi Karatani
Documents, Shipping, Member support
Partner Member
Shuich Yokota
Advisary Member

Managing Director of AXEL Yokota
Kenji Tanaka
Advisary Member

Director of Tanaka Oil Co., Ltd.

We follows our own policy, which was set when started.
*WATAA consists of Members (=Car dealers approved by AXEL) & operating office (=AXEL).

1. AXEL, as operating company, should work hard for Members and should understand their success should come with Member's (customer's) satisfaction.

2. We (all members) should try to be fair by supplying as much information as possible. Fairness can be applied to WATAA claim policy, too. We understand "Fairness" is very important for heathy market place.

3. We (all Members) place a value on vehicles according to strict standards, and we apply same standards to each of our business activities.

4. We foster a legally-compliant marketplace. We do not trade in unauthorized or stolen cars, and we work against odometer tampering and other dishonesty.

5. We are strongly against of bad, dishonest dealers who do illegal, or dishonest dealing. By promoting fair trade, we contribute to eliminate these bad dealers and improve our industry to upper level.

Besides this policy, we have the following principles:

6. We encourage international exchange among members, and we believe our activities can contribute to friendship all over the world.

7. We care about fuel consumption and emission standards and we support the work of environmental organizations in this area.

8. We contribute to education and creation of employment.

Finally, we share these policies and principles with Members.

Head Office in Yokohama
  1. Operating Company Details:

    AXEL Co., Ltd. since 1996

    Registered Corporation by Tokyo City.
    Licensed Vehicle Dealers:
    License Number:
    ---TOKYO Pre:304429602091
    ---KANAGAWA Pre: 451310000423
    ---NIIGATA Pre : 461060001113

    Head Office
    12-8-902, Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  2. TEL: +81-3-5489-3002
    FAX: +81-3-5489-3004
    E-mail: order@axelnet.com

    Managing Director: Kenjiro Tsuchioka (KEN)

    Branch CAMEL
    4628, Endo, Fujisawa-city
    TEL: +81-466-48-3441
    FAX: +81-466-48-8864
    Branch, Camel

  3. Auction available

    MON JU Tokyo, USS-R Nagoya, Honda Tokyo, Honda AA(Hokkaido, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka)
    TUE USS (Yokohama, Kobe, Fujioka), JU Saitama, CAA Tokyo, ZIP Tokyo, TAA(Toyota Auto Auction, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyushu), JU Nagano, JU Sizuoka, JU Mie, JU Yamaguchi, Arai Sendai
    WED JAA, CAA Chubu, BCN, BayAuc, USS (Sapporo, Tohoku), JU Ishikawa, JU Ibaraki
    THU USS Tokyo, USS-R Tokyo, TAA(Tokyo, Chubu, Tohoku), NAA (Nissan Auto Auction, Nagoya, Osaka), LAA Kansai, Arai Oyama, Fukuoka, JU Aichi, JU Kanagawa, JU Sapporo, JU Fukushima, JU Gunma, JU Hiroshima, JU Toyama, Hanaten Osaka, ZIP Osaka
    FRI USS (Nagoya, Osaka, NIshi-Tokyo, Hokuriku), JAA Tsukuba, NAA Tokyo, Arai Bayside, JU Chiba, JU Miyagi, JU Tochigi, JU Okayama, JU Nigata, JU Fukuoka,
    SAT USS (Ryutsu, Gunma, Sizuoka, Okayama, Kyushu), TAA Yokohama, HAA Kobe, JU Gifu, JU Nara

    *TENDER Auctions available, too.
    Japanese Dealer Auction photos, USS auctionJapanese Dealer Auction photos, USS auctionJapanese Dealer Auction photos, USS auction

  4. Dealerships we deal
    TOYOTA Tokyo Corolla, Tokyo Toyopet, Toyota Tokyo Auto, Toyota Corolla Chiba, Chiba Toyota Motors, Netz Toyota Tama, Chiba Toyopet, Saitama Toyopet, Yokohama Toyopet, Netz Yokohama
    NISSAN Nissan Red Stage, Blue Stage, Tokyo Nissan, Nissan Price Tokyo, Saitama Nissan Motors, Tokyo Nissan Motors, Nissan Price Saitama, Kanagawa Nissan, Nissan Used Car Center
    HONDA Honda Honda Used Car, Honda Clio Shin Tokyo, Honda Berno
    MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi Kita-Tokyo Mitsubishi Motors, Nishi-Tokyo Mitsubishi Motors, Sobu Mitsubishi Motors, Ichihara-Mitsubishi Motors, Chiba Mitsubishi Colt Motors, Chiba Mitsubishi Motors, Kawasaki Mitsubishi Motors,
    Mazda Ford, Mazda Enfini Tokyo, Mazda Enfini Kanto, Mazda Enfini Minami-Tokyo, Ford Shin Tokyo
    Tokyo Subaru, Nishi-Tokyo Isuzu Motors, Asahi Auto Lease, Toyota Rent A Lease Tokyo, Toyota Rent-A-Car,

  5. Associations

    JU (Japan Used Car Dealers Association)
    AFTC(Automobile Fair Trade Council)
    YCCI(Yokohama Chamber of Commerce & Industry)
    WATAA(World Automobile Trade Assessment Association)

    JU (Japan Used Car Dealers Association)AFTC(Automobile Fair Trade Council)WATAA(World Automobile Trade Assessment Association)

  6. Others:

    Business Partners
    Transportation: ZERO (Former Nissan Transport, Japan's No 1 Transport Company)
    Shipping Company: Armacup , Mitsui OSK Lines
    Odometer Inspection: JEVIC, OPTIMECH

    BANK Information
    Yokohama-Chuo Branch
    Account Number: 7120261
    Account Name: AXEL Co., Ltd.

    many people who are related with WATAA all over the world